Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Here is a database of articles that rebut many of the tired old arguments used by pro-Israel posters. It is an on-going project aimed at providing a ready reference for bloggers. I will add to it and refine the data into more clearly defined categories as time permits. Researchers may post their own links and report dead links in the comments pages.

Information with provenance

Operation Cast Lead (Gaza 2008/9

Ten questions
Internet Propaganda
Israeli terrorism 1930s
Erskine Childers (Did they jump or were they pushed?):
Treatment of POWs / Crimes of War
Targeted Assassinations
Gaoling Children
Friend of America??
Christians against Zionism
Jews under the Ottoman Empire
Collection of “hate speech”
Who is the terrorist?
Author admits making up memoir of surviving Holocaust
Origins of Jewish people

Zionist quotes
Villages Destroyed
Christians in Gaza
U.N. bombing
Baruch Goldstein
Relationship of Arab and Mizrahi
Who is killing whom.
The lobby and censorship
Religious extremism
Israeli witnesses
Hezbollah and the origins of 2007 war,7340,L-3374209,00.html
Historical myths
Decline and fall
Sabra and Shatila
Occupation and settlement
The Wall,+Two+Hundred+And+Seventy-Six+People+Per+Week
Al Qaeda CIA,2763,209260,00.html
Wars and who started them
Jews in Arab lands

Human shields,7340,L-3461591,00.html
Right of return
Right to exist,0,2601983.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail
False flag ops
Menachim Begin,9171,914951-1,00.html
Iraq and Iran Warmongering
Aipac and spying
The land and maps
Oded Yinon
Recognising Israel
Child killing,7340,L-3539098,00.html
Famous Jewish dissidents
Murderous leaders
Ian S. Lustick
Killing Apostates