Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Time-Life and cleanliness

I seem to remember my Time-Life book on Israel showed nice pictures of Arabs and Jews living happily side by side. I tried dig it out of the attic but couldn’t find it. So I looked it up on abebooks.com and I found it was published in 1968.


was published in 2002.
So I guess my Time-Life book was a little cock-eyed as was my Atlas. Incidentally, you can buy a forty year old copy of Time-Life Israel in very good order for $2.95. I suggest you beat them down a bit. It's not worth that much.
One of the names that crops up in the Time proprietorship is Edgar Bronfman Sr
He gets a mention here


AIPAC can be naughty.


A lot of us down here in New Zealand have been puzzled by news that comes out of the U.S. It just doesn’t seem to gel with what we see from other sources and on the net. And even within the U.S. there are inconsistencies. Sometimes a sensational story in the New Yorker doesn’t even make it onto the networks.

I’ve often wondered what happened to the American Anti-Trust laws. I remember reading about them . In Time magazine. There was some debate about media monopolies. How did they get here from there? Did they change the laws?

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