Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Whigs and Tories

So how did the leaders of the "Free World" become complicit in Ethnic Cleansing, murder and mayhem? Not to mention the rampant global capitalism that has caused a massive updraught of wealth.

In 1830s England there was no secret ballot. Therefore:

“Votes were bought for openly stated prices and the election campaigns become gross orgies of competitive hospitality”.


The Whig party waited around until the Tories messed up badly enough that they got themselves dis-elected despite the bribery and corruption favoring them.

The Whigs took office and presented the Reform Bill which cut out the rotten and pocket boroughs, brought in the secret ballot. It re-allocated the Parliamentary seats on a fairer population basis.

There was a huge debate over seven days. Tories cried that it was the end of civilization. The bill was passed by one vote. But the House of Lords rejected it.

The Whigs got the King to dissolve Parliament and an election was fought on this one issue. Whigs got back in with a 100 seat majority

So they passed the bill again and the House of Lords rejected it.

So they passed it again with their faith in the convention that the Lords cannot reject a bill three times. Their faith was misplaced.

So the Whigs resigned.

The Tories tried to make a minority government but it didn’t work. The King called the Whigs back and they said “only if you create enough Lords who will pass this bill.”

And he did and they did and that was the end of the beginning of Campaign Funding.

They don’t make Whigs like they used to. Only the Tories have remained unchanged.

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